Why You Should Go Fishing With Your Father

It'd been a very long time since I went fishing, let alone with my father. We'd been talking about going fishing all last week and I think we got more excited each time we talked about it. So we finally decided that we'd go on Saturday morning to a lake that was about an hour from where we live. This lake has been a great fishing lake for many years and we've always caught many fish out it.
Saturday finally arrives I roll out of bed around 5: 30 a. m. drive over to my father's house pick him up and we're off. We make a quick stop at McDonald's for breakfast (2 sausage egg mcmuffin meals with OJ), gas up and we're on the road. After about 25 min of driving I realize that I'd forgotten the worms at my home in the fridge so after a few choice words I decided to pull into a local gas station and pick some up.
I go in there and buy a dozen for a lot more than I'd paid for 20 of them at Wal-mart. Oh well I thought it's my fault, lesson learned. As we're driving through the beautiful Rocky Mountains on our way to the lake I can't help but notice how awesome and majestic the mountains are. I'd fished this lake many times when I was younger but it'd been years since I'd driven through this area and it felt great like I was meeting an old dear friend again. We arrived to our spot around 7 a. m. grab our gear and take off down the hill.
We chose a good spot where we'd caught many fish before and we knew we'd have good luck. We opened the can of (expensive) worms, slid the worm on the hook and casted out. No sooner than I had casted out my line, I had a hit, it was literally less than 2 min. I pulled in a little rainbow trout and threw him back. It felt great catching fish again and just being in the mountains with my father. My father is 59 years old and we've had some great times together. He's been there when I caught my first fish, killed my first buck, fired my first BB gun and taken the biggest elk I've ever killed. You could say some of my best memories have been out with my father doing what we love to do in the outdoors.
 I was lucky enough to have a father introduce the outdoors to me and instill a great love for hunting and fishing, and not to mention a great respect for what we're fortunate enough to do as Americans. I hope to have many more great experiences with my father in the future. I'm encouraging everyone who has a father or who is a father to go to the outdoors and spend time with your family as much as possible. The best memories your kids will ever have is spending time with their father hunting or fishing, regardless if you're successful or not. By the way we caught 6 fish last Saturday, 5 rainbow trout and 1 cutthroat trout. Go out and enjoy summer with your family!

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