Fishing As An Indulging Family Activity

The advent of technology such as the arrival of computers, PSP, tablet computers, cellphones and other handheld devices that afforded entertainment like games and social networking has significantly contributed to the degradation of family values, bonding time and family entertainment.
Thus, each family member is spending lesser time with each other because of individual activities. To avoid such incidence, parents are encouraged to formulate activities that involve the whole family. What does it do the rest of the family? How does a structured activity help them? Family activities foster family relations. It is a time where friends, officemates, work and school are insignificant and do not matter. Studies revealed that children who spend less time with their parents are more prone to peer pressure and succumb to it compared to those who have constant communication and engage in activities with their parents.
Furthermore, because parents are updated with their children's personal life, children receive guidance and opinion from mature adults thus their support system is more stable and stronger compared to those who seek advice from equally immature point of view. Furthermore, children who are given considerable attention and time have more self-confidence and self-control. Because of such confidence, they perform better in the school with regards to both academic and non-academic endeavors, criticisms, failures, relationships and among others. One of the activities that foster family relation is fishing as it is one of the most enjoyable pastimes that one or a family can ever have.
 Such activity involves the cooperation and teamwork to be able to produce positive results. Moreover, distractions such as mobile phones, computers and the likes are at a minimum thus each person's attention is focused entirely to the here and now and not anywhere else. More than ever, it is the most appropriate time to rekindle family ties and bring the family as one to be involved in productive activities. The late Princess Diana was known to have spent a considerable amount of time fishing with her family aboard their yacht as she was frequently hunted by paparazzis trying to sneak upon her private family activities.
 Paris Hilton, despite her glamorous lifestyle, busy schedule and equally famous family, grew up with a family who love to go on fishing adventure. Liam Neeson's hobby on the other hand is fly-fishing and spends most of his non-Hollywood time with the water along with his kids and his late wife. To celebrities, fishing or any family activity of sort is an avenue for them to unload excess baggage that they have been carrying because of the nature of their job being under the constant scrutinizing eye of the public and media. It is also one way of maintaining their sanity and true identity after all the many varied roles that they have been projecting on and off the camera. To an ordinary family, it is a time to spend one moment being family alone without the influence of other parties.

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