Different Types Of Fishing Lures

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity, which many people want to enjoy especially on weekends. Fishing is usually a family event but in cases of sports fishing, then it can be a group activity or in case of family joining the event, this usually involves several members of the family who have the inclination to fishing.
If you want to go fishing, you may want to know the types of fishing lures that will help you catch as much fish, as you want.
Lures now come in different forms and sizes. While there is this diversity, in some cases, fishes have already learned to recognize a fishing lure and can therefore avoid them. This is the reason why there are many different types of fishing lures in todayŠŐ» fishing industry.
Let us now move on to the types of fishing lures and the effectiveness they have in a leisure activity or sporting activity.
Jig Fishing Lure
A jig fishing lure is a weighted hook with a lead head opposite the sharp tip. Often the jig involves a minnow or a plastics worm to get the attention of the fish. In this case, the operator will need to move the rod to move the jig, which adds to the attractiveness of the jig to the fishes.
Surface Fishing Lures
Surface lures are fishing lures that are used to mimic fish preys on top of the waters. They are usually used with popping sound or burbling sound, which adds to its attractiveness. The surface fishing lures need to be moving as well, the operators will need to apply movement skillfully to resemble of the real things. It will help him use the surface lures effectively.
Plugs on the other hand are crank baits. These lures are designed to resemble the body shape of a fish and are made to run underwater. These plugs need to move to make sure that it will catch the attention of fishes and therefore lure them into the hook.
Spoon lures
Spoon lures are flashy fishing lures especially when it catches the light. It also moved in a wobbling or darting direction, this adds its ability to catch attention of the fish.
Artificial flies
Flies are preys for fishes. Thus, artificial flies are effectively used; they are commonly used with fly rods and reel in fly-fishing.
Swimbait is an effective fishing lure especially when it is designed like a minnow. Usually soft plastic minnow is reeled like a plug. They may sometime have swimming tails and thus they are called swimbaits.
Spinnerbait is likewise a fishing lure used in leisure fishing. This is made of pieces of wire bent in an angle with a hook in the lower end and towing a flashy spinner mechanism. The movement catches fishes' attention underwater.
These different lures do not need to be used all at the same time. However, having diversity especially if you are fishing in the same location often will help you enjoy your fishing expedition most of the time.

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