Catfish Jug Lines For Jug Fishing

Fishing with catfish jug lines can be a very effective way of catfishing. Anglers can target small one to five pound catfish with their catfish jug lines or some choose to go out in search of a monster trophy blue or flathead. Either one is certainly possible when fishing with catfish jug lines. Before you get started fishing with catfish jug lines you need to do a little research and make sure that using them is legal in your state.
Some states don't allow this type of catfishing at all and other states have restrictions on it that limit the number of hooks, color of jugline and other specifics regarding this form of fishing. In addition to assuring you are compliant with state and local laws, please make sure you fish responsibly and ethically with your catfish jug lines. Always take everything out of the lake that you put in it and never leave a jugline in the water, and always release the big fish so they can be caught another day by future generations. Catch and release is the way to go with the big cats regardless of whether you are using catfish jug lines or rod and reel fishing.
To get started with your catfish jug lines you're going to need a few things. You can get started with some basics just to test the waters and see how you do but once you determine you like this method of fishing you are going to want to make some more advanced juglines like flagging catfish jugs or "noodle" jugs made from closed cell polyethylene foam (like swimming pool noodles). There are two different approaches to fishing with these methods.
One is to use a large weight on the bottom and keep the float relatively stationary (an anchored setup) and the other is to use a short line and little weight and allow the float to move (a free floating or drifting setup). For this purpose, we will focus on the free floating or drifting catfish jug lines because these are the easiest to make and a great way for the beginner to get started. There are many different ways to make these but we are going to explain a very quick, easy and cheap method.
 Take a twenty ounce soda bottle and screw the lid on securely. Once the lid is screwed on take and cut a three foot piece of 9 braided nylon twine and tie it to the neck of the bottle using a slip knot. Once complete go to the loose end of the twine and tie on an Eagle Claw L197F Circle Hook in size 7/0 using a Palomar knot.
 Once your hook is secure go a few inches above the hook and crimp on a small split shot weight. You can make several of these catfish jug lines to get started. Take your setups to the lake or river and bait them with a small chunk of bait like Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap and let them out in shallow water. Just make sure you stay close to them because they will be floating and moving around and you don't want to lose your catfish jug lines. Keep an eye on them and watch for them to start bobbing around in the water, because you will be catching cats in no time.

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