Carp Fishing Tackle Summary The Fox Stratos 12000e Fs Reel

With such an assortment of fish classes accessible to fishermen in the UK, one might wonder how come a lot of us choose to hunt carp. If you will simply conduct a little bit of research on this noble species, it will be revealed that numerous societies highly respect it. The truth is, a lot of the Asain peoples deem the carp as sacred. If you have had the chance to hook one of these aggressive fish on your line, I am sure you can comprehend why! In my struggle to outfox the sly carp, I have obtained a wide assortment of carp fishing tackle. The Fox Stratos 12000e FS reel happens to be one of my most preferred. Here's why.
Main Aspects of the Fox Stratos 12000e FS Carp Reel
As a part of Fox's graphite fishing tackle array, the Stratos 12000e has been constructed to survive the harshness of carp fishing. Fox sent one of their professionals, Ian Chilicott, to do some testing on this reel.
Remarkably, he was able to land a 50lb conger eel! Built with Fox's trusted free spool system, the 12999e is provided with 16 ball bearings, and also one large sized roller bearing for perfection in workability, even if you snag a large fish on your line. The graphite body has a high tech look, and the reel weighs 810g. The 12000e FS has got one single handle and the spool is manufactured with a hard-wearing alloy substance. It will come with one standard spool as well as a continental spool.
More on the Subject of the 12000e FS Carp Fishing Reel
I particularly favour the 12000's slow oscillation, a characteristic that guarantees that the fishing line winds carefully around the spool. This means there will be decreased friction during your casting, which as a result will augment distance as well as exactness.
The roller is twist free, and the clutch has a grit guard that helps optimise performance. The unique Mesh-Tech? gearing system delivers flawless operation. Also, it has an anti-backlash system plus a micro line lay adjustment. The clutch is equipped with 6 discs, and also the Magnetik? lube system helps the wheel to continue operating in top-notch condition. The 12000e's gear ratio is 4. 2: 1, plus the reel is equipped with 2 shims. The Fox FS (free spool) system instantaneously extricates the spool from the main drive, steadily giving line to a speedy carp. A micro-adjustment lets the fisherman tweak the tension. The range casting clip finishes the list of highlights. Expect the cost to be approximately? 49 for this superb piece of fishing tackle.
Last Impressions on the Fox Stratos 12000e FS Carp Reel
I wondered about some of the features of this reel, so I did some reading. What I learned is that an oversized roller bearing is a key component in any reel's strength. The 12000e's roller bearing has got 8 extra large diameter stainless steel rollers enveloped in a very hard glass filled nylon covering. Getting its support from 2 big stainless steel ball bearings, this roller bearing provides the 12000e with an incredibly sleek feel which makes retrieves fairly easy.


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