The Benefits of Worm Farming

Worms have long been recognised as fishing bait. I remember many a Friday as a kid, digging for worms in preparation for an early Saturday morning fishing trip. Having tried many forms of bait over many years, earthworms have always topped my list for several types of fish both sea fishing and at the mouth of my favourite river fishing spots.
Digging in the garden for worms is a great way of getting a supply for a weekend fishing trip. A good healthy soil will always contain ample supplies of earthworms. Worm farming is also a good option, a preferred choice for many (myself included) for several reasons. Worm farming ensures a regular supply of worms for fish bait. You have worms ready to go at a moments notice should you make a quick decision to go fishing after work.

Worm farming is an excellent way to compost household scraps with next to no smell. Odour is often a negative component of traditional compost preventing people in small yards from starting a compost heap.

Various sizes of worms can be found in a worm farm. You can easily find worms to match the size of the hooks you are using and the type of fish you plan to catch. Boating and Deep Sea FishingWorms can be used for deep sea fishing, though larger bait is often best for the potentially larger fish you will be targeting. Instead, I recommend using worms as live burly to attract fish to the boat. Worms can be mixed with a blend of fish oil to increase the attractiveness of the worms to the fish. It is advisable not to use too much burly or the fish will eat and run rather than the desired action of attaching to your baited hook. River bank and beach fishingThis is possibly the best use for earthworms as fishing bait. There are a host of eating fish species that are attracted to worms. I have readily caught Salmon, Mullet and flathead on hooks baited with earthworms.
Feed for growing fish bait worms fastIf the only reason you are keeping a worm farm is for fish bait you may wish to consider a supplementary diet of high protein to help bulk the worms quicker. High protein animal meals and pellets. Racing horse pellets are a good choice as are standard horse and pony pellets. These can be purchased relatively cheaply from local farm produce stores and need only be give as a weekly supplementary feed.
Profit from Worm farmingOnce established you could turn your fish bait worms into a small income earner by simply advertising in your local newspaper or approaching bait suppliers in your local area. Bait shops that sell fresh bait or those who are highly frequented are your best options for selling worms. If you own a bait shop you could keep a worm farm at your place of business for a regular fresh supply for your customers.?

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