Fishing Lures May Be Worth Lots Of Money

Old fishing lures is a bit of a general term, but basically any fishing lure that is made from one of the many founding fishing lure companies in America may be considered old or antique, rare or collectable. There are several different factors that will increase or decrease the value of old fishing lures and even amateur collectors should be aware of these factors.
One of the biggest considerations in the value of old fishing lures is how long ago they were made. Some of the original Heddon and Pflueger, Shakespeare, Jamison and South Bend lures were made in very limited qualities, making these extremely rare and valuable. As the making of lures became more mechanized and less hand crafted, greater numbers of lures were made, therefore decreasing their value since there are many more still in circulation.
In addition to the age of old fishing lures their condition is also important. Many novice collectors make a drastic mistake in attempting to recondition, restore or fix-up old lures, even by just matching paints and touching up a scratch or chip on the lure. This restoration actually decreases the value of the lure and may even may it unsuitable for collectors, so never attempt to cosmetically or physically alter the appearance of old fishing lures.
There are also the cases or boxes that old fishing lures were sold in that can definitely add value to the lure or can even be of value themselves. These old boxes, usually cardboard but occasionally tin, are the highlight of many antique fishing lure collectors displays. The boxes often were thrown away by the original owners so are much harder to come by than the actual lures themselves.
It is not uncommon for very rare and very well preserved antique fishing lures to sell for several hundred to several thousand dollars each at collectors shows and exhibitions. If you are planning on getting involved in this fascinating hobby it is important to be able to spot valuable old fishing lures in tackle boxes and garage sale discards and bargains.
Not knowing the value of the fishing lures can lead to missed opportunities to cash in on rare finds. The National Fishing Lures Collectors Club is a great organization to get started with in learning about how to value and appraise antique and old fishing lures accurately and how to contact collectors about items needed or lures for sale. In addition there are many online websites that provide detailed information on authenticating old lures and how to know what year and type of lure you are examining. The websites will also help collectors learn about how to correctly display and preserve old fishing lures as well as how to exhibit and present lures in the most effective way.

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