Tibia Fishing Guide

To go out fishing, you'll need the next:
* Fishing Rod
* Worms
* Patience
Fishing is a very easy thing to do. Just follow the next steps.
1. Put worms and a fishing rod in your backpack.
2. Right click on your rod and this menu will appear:
3. Click on "Use with" and then an arrow will be formed, click in the water and if you're lucky a fish will be catched else nothing will happen. If your fishing skill is higher then you have a bigge chance to catch a fish. A worm will disapear if a fish is caught. If you don't catch a fish, then there won't disapear a worm.

* Don't keep fishing on the same spot. If you catched a fish on a square it will take some time before it 'respawns'. At lower fishing levels you can see if there is fish on a square by looking if your fishing skill increases. If your skill increases there is a fish on that square, if it doesn't increase then there is no fish at that square.
* You can also press ctrl and then click on the fishing rod, followed by the water instead of right clicking and selecting 'use with'.
* You can hotkey the usage of a Fishing Rod so that you'll only have to press that hotkey and then click on the water.
Thanks for your reading, and hope this guide can help you to enjoy fihing in Tibia game!

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